Collector Error: the requested field was not found

01-27-2021 07:08 AM
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I've run into an issue creating a line feature through Collector where I can create the feature in a 'live' mode in Collector when there aren't any offline areas for the map, but I cannot in an offline area.  I receive the error: "the requested field was not found".  I can confirm that I have properly provided all required fields in both cases.  I can create features in that layer in ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online Map Viewer, Collector if the map is live, but not Collector offline.  I have had this happen in multiple maps, same layer.  Other users of this layer report not having this problem.

Collector 20.2.2 Build 2847 iOS 14.3

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I have resolved this issue by making sure all fields were visible in the attribute table and then configuring pop-ups to only show layers that I want to edit.

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