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Collector Download Issues

12-06-2019 02:20 PM
New Contributor II

I am having trouble downloading a service to Collector on iOS.  I am using Collector 19.2.0 with iOS 12.4.1.  I am able to download offline maps from other services, but one service is having issues.  The only message I receive is 'Download Failed'.  No error code.  I have uploaded the service a few times and followed the instructions precisely.  Could the issue be with the layers I am uploading?  

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Esri Contributor

Hello Cynthia Loebig‌,

Is the service you are attempting to download hosted in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise? The first thing I would recommend checking is that the service is sync enabled. For a hosted service you can do that from the item details page.

  • Item Details > Settings > Feature Layer > Sync.

If you are working with a referenced ArcGIS Server service you can check the service capabilities from service REST endpoint. You can find the service URL in the bottom right corner of the item details page.




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New Contributor II

Hi Thomas, thank you for replying and I had already checked to make certain the service was Sync enabled.  The service is hosted on ArcGIS Online. 

But, I found the issue today.  One of the layers was an old data set that was not cleaned up and consisted of several multi-part polygons.  After cleaning up this layer and uploading a new service, I am able to download maps to Collector from ArcGIS Online.

Again, thank you for the help.