Collector displays domain code instead of description

07-24-2020 06:40 PM
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New GIS student here, working on a project for class. We built several feature layers in ArcGIS Pro 2.5.2 to be used with ArcGIS Collector when I noticed something that made me wonder if it is a limitation in ArcGIS Collector or an issue.

Feature set is "Landscape" 

Feature layer "Trees"

Added the assiciated fields to the feature layer,

Created a domain and added the data to be collected, and then updated the field to include the domain.

Symbolized the tree with unique values and shared the feature layer (and others) as a web layer to ArcGIS online.

Added the Hosted Feature Layer to a map and saved it as a Web Map.

When opened in Collector, I selected a tree that I wanted to collect data on, and I'm only seeing the domain code instead of the decription.

Is there a way to list the description in the list instead of the code.


I wish I had discovered this earlier!
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Hi Bruce Williams,

Yeah, these Coded Value Domains are a source of confusion... Very often you get the code when you need the description. Or the other way round, you get the description where you really need the code...

There is an easy trick however to avoid all this mess. I did learn this trick from an experienced Esri user who knows his ways around the flaws in the system.

And this trick is?

Just make sure the code and the description are equal to each other, in all circumstances!

So in your case you should not use:

H = Healthy / S = Stressed / D = Dead


Instead you should just use:

Healthy = Healthy / Stressed = Stressed / Dead = Dead

With this solution your Collector will still show the domain code instead of the description, but you won't notice this and you won't care anymore :)



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Egge-Jan Pollé‌, I learned to adopt this "trick" early on as well! Wanted to add that when I first started, I was under the impression that the Label could not contain spaces or special characters, but I suppose this isn't the case. I always make them equal to each other and haven't had any issues. 

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Egge-Jan & Katherine,

Thank you for posting your replies. I tried the workaround you both suggested, but I am still seeing the issue. I should state that I tested this on an iPad, iPhone and Android device.

I wish I had discovered this earlier!
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If you're using a downloaded map for offline use, make sure you remove it from your device and redownload. Probably even worth a shot to sign out and back in again to make sure everything is refreshed. 

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Something is a miss with ArcPro and Collector, @Esri @BUG. 

This is how I got it to work perfectly...

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I have been experiencing this error when trying to display properly in Collector. I have executed this workaround for the List of Values for multiple layers within the same hosted feature service. However, one of the layers receives an error anytime I try to save the changes. The error literally just says "There was an error".

I am using an outdated enterprise portal (10.7.1). I have active users of these layers and would prefer not to republish. Is there anyway to fix this? I do not know how to edit REST endpoints...

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