Collector date fields default to 1/1/1970

09-02-2014 11:22 AM
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We're using Esri Collector on an iPad, and editing a feature class with multiple date fields.  Instead of defaulting to Null (which is what we desire), it defaults to 1/1/1970 or 12/31/1969.  I know that is day zero in Unix time... but I also see that this has been an issue for upwards of three years with date fields.  Anyone know of a fix?

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I am experiencing the same problem only my fields are defaulting to 12/29/1899.  I would like to have this default to the current date.


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Did you find a fix for this, Scott?  We have the same issue and I haven't been able to find anything in my searches yet.

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I found that if you make the field a required field that it does not select current date but rather use the date when the file was created.  By setting the date field to not required and also allowing Null values it will default to current date.

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Hello, I have a similar problem

I have a date field that I have set it to be 01/01/2014, that is my default date in case the user does not register a date.

When I am going to create a new record, the date appears as 0:00:00 and defaults to a strange 1899/01/01 or something like that.

Did what you said about setting it to allow null.. but now, it appears  <null> as a default instead of the date I have set a a default... is quite annoying. Any other ideas?.

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