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Collector Beta testing coming soon!

06-04-2014 10:33 AM
Esri Contributor
I know this has been an hot topic with the Collector community and I'm pleased to announce we will soon be starting to take advantage of the built in beta community functionality on Android Play Store.  Unfortunately at this time we can offer an equivalent experience on iOS because its not supported through the itunes store.

More details will follow so watch the ESRI blog, but essentially what is going to happen is you will be able to request an invite to the beta community on Google+ as we make new beta builds available you will be able to download them from the play store, and use the google+ community to discuss and provide feedback. 

Our plan is to do short beta before the User Conference, to a small group and work out any kinks in the process and then continue to do regular betas between releases.  That first beta will include the following primary features: 
- The ability to use an basemap local on your device whether your map is offline or online
- The ability to switch local basemaps whether you are online and offline
- The ability to search features like Explorer for ArcGIS
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