Android OS download error when testing disconnected editing with Server 10.2.2

06-04-2014 04:26 AM
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I am currently in the process of transitioning our online feature classes from being hosted in ArcGIS online to our recently upgraded ArcGIS Server 10.2.2.  We are currently utilizing disconnected editing for a number of our field crews and couldn't be more pleased with this new functionality.  The next two weeks are reserved for testing this workflow in the server environment, however; I have recently published a service to our server and enabled sync capability, added it to our ArcGIS online feature classes and created a test web map with the data.  When I go to test the workflow on an IOS device I am able to download make edits and sync without issues.  When I go to test this workflow on an Android device, I receive one of two error messages, the first is an empty error message, the second states map has failed to download:gateway timeout.  I am working from the same web map in both cases.  The majority of our crews work with IOS devices but one major project is still utilizing Android Galaxy Tab3's.  Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I would enable debug server logs on your server and see if you can spot any errors reported back when you try to download the map through the Android app. This can help us determine if its an app side issue or a server side issue. Do you see the empty error message when you are syncing the data back or when downloading?

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