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Collector App Signing out automatically

12-07-2016 06:04 AM
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I use Collector for my field guys, they download their data via portal while in the office via vpn for offline use, never fails when they go out in the field, they are sent to the main login screen for Collector and since they usually don't have cell signal they can't log on to collector which in essence means they can't use their offline content, is there a way to set Collector to not log out? My field guys aren't always the most technology savy guys in the world so if there is an easy fix someone knows about please let me know.

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Hi Randy - I was able to duplicate what you are describing. I was logged in to Collector, then went in airplane mode, closed Collector and tried to reopen and was unable to do so. If I never closed the application it was still available to me. I also downloaded a map to my device and ran through the previous workflow. This time the application opened because there were maps/data downloaded to the device, and I was never signed out of Collector.

So the two things that made the app still functional in offline mode were making sure you never sign out of Collector (you can close the app) and making sure that there is data is downloaded and visible under the "On Devise" tab.

-Adam Z

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I also experienced a similar issue with Collector signing out automatically (only an issue when out of cell coverage). I was signed in and using Collector from ArcGIS Online services. It happened on an iPad (IOS 10.3.1) and appeared to be when the app was closed - not sure if this was intentional or due to it crashing. Data was on the device.

The workaround is to ensure your field crew check the app is open and signed in before leaving wifi or cell coverage. I've found there have been a few cases where the Collector app crashes while in use - normally when switching between maps. Fortunately, it hasn't signed out after crashing, yet.

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We have been experiencing this issue with no solution at this time. ESRI tech support is looking into it.  I have two people in the field with the issue.  The field staff have been using Collector with "On-Device" maps for a couple weeks. They have not logged out, Collector seems to have logged them out. Now they can only get to the login page.   They can call me on the Satellite phone, but they have no cellular data to be able to log back into Collector and they are a long and expensive helicopter ride from an internet connection.  We are on iPad Air2, IOS 10.3.2, Collector 17.0.1 build 1720.  There are no other apps open on the device.  We have Garmin Glo GPS connected with BlueTooth.  Each iPad has 22GB of 28.5GB free.  If anyone has found a solution to this problem, we would love to hear it.

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I'm in the same situation. iPhone 6s running iOS 10.3.1, Garmin Glo/integrated receiver. Mine doesn't even make it more than a couple of hours. I've experienced similar logout staying on the network, turning airplane mode off/on, wifi on/off, etc. It just doesn't want to play nice. Possibly security settings by my organization put onto my phone, but it makes Collector unusable in its current state. As a backup, ESRI should really try to develop a usb cable option to reconnect through laptop on VPN. This wifi stuff is very very stressful for someone about to go into the field... 

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Hi, I've just a had a field team report the same issue. Did anyone find a resolution or work around for this?

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Our Field crews are testing Collector and have been experiencing this issue from time to time.

It would great to have a workaround or solution for some of our crews who are not tech savy. We are using an ArcGIS Enterprise environment.



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I am also having this issue on Android Devices.  Did anyone find a work around to prevent the App from automatically logging you out?

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We are also encountering this issue with field crews in remote areas being sporadically signed out of Collector.  They login when they have wifi before going into the field, open the offline map, and then go into airplane mode.  At various points during the day (random, can't troubleshoot) they are logged out of Collector and need to go out of the field into cell coverage areas to log back in.  Some field crews have cell coverage and stay logged in but equally have the logging out issue.  We can't think of another solution but this is causing serious delays to our field program and our field crews are very frustrated and questioning the use of this app for field data collection.  Has there been any resolution or other options that can be tried?

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What was the solution to this? We have the same problem, folks on over night back country trips, when the iPad sits overnight, they're getting logged out, and obviously can't log back with no WiFi. This was never an issue with ArcPad, why was the functionality to collect data over multiple days removed? 

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