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09-04-2014 07:44 AM
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I've got 2 staff out doing a field survey, each using the latest version of Collector, and one of them just ran into a sync error - 10 points are not syncing back to AGOL. After a bit of reading I learnt that there is a known issue with required fields and unfortunately the shapefiles they're editing contain several required fields.

1. Would the required fields liklely be the cause of the sync issue?

2. Is there anyway for me to turn required fields off in their current map in AGOL?



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Hi Lewis,

Have you been able to resolve the Collector Sync errors you reported here? Can you share the schema of your data for review? Initial testing with required fields sync'd successfully on my side; I'm not aware of a method to turn off required fields in the web map. If you are still challenged by these sync errors, please contact Esri Support and submit a Support case so that you can work with Support analyst to resolve this error and start using the Collector for ArcGIS app. Please mention you were directed to work with Esri Support from this GeoNet post.



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