Collector (Android): Not getting to on sign in screen

10-22-2020 01:43 PM
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Samsung Galaxy S10e, Android 10, Collector 20.2.1  (connected via both unrestricted network and wi-fi)

I tap on Collector, and I get standard login screen, I tap on "Sign in with ArcGIS Online", then instead of the login screen with user/pass to I get a blank screen ("Screenshot.jpg" attached).  Collector is otherwise fine, I can browse and use the canned demo maps.  Also Collector correctly connects to my account on a *different* phone.  Possible factor: at some point I did both a Clear Cache *and* a Clear Data in the app's setting; however, I'm sure I was able to log in after doing that (well, 90% sure).  None the less my current theory is that some connection path was erased with the Clear Data action. I've already powered off and on, and done two uninstall-install cycles.  Is there a way to do an uninstall and then have Android forget anything related to the app?  Or is Android unlike Windows where uninstalls don't always clear user data?  Clicking on the lock symbol yields the 2nd attachment ("URL.jpg"), the menu gives the last attachment ("Menu.jpg").  The menu seems odd, powered by Firefox? - I do use Firefox for Android, and it's my default browser, but is that how collector connects?

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