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ArcGIS Collector offset x,y,z values

10-21-2020 01:33 PM
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We are migrating a current project that is in ArcPad to ArcGIS Collector. There are a number of point features that are collected that are offset (not under the plane) and surveyors might use the 'collect here' or shift the initial location to collect the observation. As part of the post-processing metrics some of the values rely on an altitude value for the survey estimates.

Can someone provide information on when GPS metadata fields are populated and what determines when they are not. Is it only when the initial (crosshair) location is used for the recording a location GPS metadata fields are populated? Is there anyway to get these metadata fields to populate?

Also what is the best practice for projections and point data collection using Collector and the Web Mercator Auxillary Sphere. Should we set up point layers with the Web Mercator Auxillary Sphere and then post-process/export the points to our local projection? We will be using the Esri basemaps in the Collector app.

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