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10-23-2017 02:10 PM
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My field teams are reporting an accuracy of 6m in their Collector App, but the GNSS app is showing <1m. I recall seeing something about this in a blog post a while back and was wondering if the field team should trust the GNSS app or the Collector app when confirming GPS accuracy. They are paired to Trimble R1 GPS units.

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Hi, have you resolved your accuracy and settings questions vs what you see in the Trimble GNSS Status App vs what you see in Collector for the R1?  Be sure that your location services on the phone or tablet are set to off.  In Collector set the Receiver to be the Blue-tooth R1 not the "Integrated Receiver".  That would be the phone or tablets location service.

If not then here are a few suggestions.

A. Contact your Trimble dealer for assistance.  If you do not know who that is use the Dealer Locator: Where to Buy | Trimble Geospatial 

B. 2 things to set up in the Trimble GNSS Status APP....  1. NMEA Output settings 2. Real-time. Which Real-time setting did you set?  SBAS? or INTRIP VRS?  This matters because this will influence what "Location" profile you select in Collector.  If using SBAS it is using a "WGS84" - ITRF2014 datum.  You can use the "Default" profile in Collector.  If using a local VRS/RTK correction service over the internet then see our blog link below as how to set up a specific "Location Profile" for that NAD1983 2011 correction source.

Esri Collector Location Profile and links to R1/R2 blogs and videos: 



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We're using over a dozen Trimble R2s and RTX correction with Collector, and we had to have a "little known" "HIGH ACCURACY NMEA" option applied in the R2's firmware to enable Collector to consume the same accuracy that the GNSS Status App and the web interface could see. We had to contact our hardware provider who then had to contact Trimble to verify if such a thing existed. The R1 may be have a similar option for it, I don't know, but it is something to look into.

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