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Cannot Launch Collector for Organization for iPhone 4s

06-25-2014 05:11 AM
New Contributor III
I recently installed and then uninstalled and reinstalled Collector for my organization which I am registered as a Publisher, but cannot seem to sign in to the app. I enter the portal url for my organization which takes me to the organization's sign in page and after entering my credentials it bounces right back to the Collector homepage. My coworker who is also registered as a Publisher, has no problem on his Galaxy. I am running iPhone 4s with the updated iOS 7.1.1.

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Esri Notable Contributor
Do any other accounts work on your phone? Can you try and sign in to AGOL on the browser on the phone or download Explorer for ArcGIS and sign in and see if your account works there?

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New Contributor III
Just received this message from my organization's lead GIS:

"There is a known bug that prevents using federated logins on the iPhones and iPads. We suggest that iOS users create a separate global and organizational account to get around the issue until there is a fix"

Created a new account and was able to log in as a global account.

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