Can you use a Custom URL Scheme to call AppStudio App (Survey123) from Collector?

01-19-2017 02:57 PM
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I have customized a version of Survey123 in Appstudio and configured the URL Scheme with "suu".



I have then side loaded my app on my iphone and it works perfectly, well almost.


To my understanding I just need to replace 'arcgis-survey123' with 'suu'.  However, when I click the link it gets stuck in the image >>  What am I missing?








Note:  when I save the link does break and gets replaced with #?itemid=...... However, I am able to crack open the json and change it back to the suu://?itemID= as shown above.


Also, when I copy and paste the link into safari manually it does redirect to my custom Survey123 app and open it.  It just doesn't work from Collector 10.4.2 on iOS 10.2.


Any Suggestions?



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