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Best tablet to use with Arc Collector

01-23-2020 04:16 AM
New Contributor


I work for a wildlife conservation NGO, we are looking to supply our field surveyors with new tablets to assist with data collection. We have a budget of around £400 or so per unit. The tablets must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Battery life to last a typical day in the field (~8 hours or so), alternatively a removable battery to allow for swapping
  • Preferably on the smaller side, say 7-8 inches.
  • Rugged/waterproof would be a plus, although it appears you pay a hefty premium for it, so not a necessity.
  • Min 16gb storage or ability to expand to that

We are flexible in terms of Android/iOS, I would also be interested to know if there is any benefits or negatives with either OS, I have heard that iOS typically gets updates quicker with Esri software?



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