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12-04-2019 06:58 AM
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Hello everyone,

I work as a GIS technician is a railway industry. Currently I am responsible for creating a Web based GeoApplication which allows people to collect information directly on site. To achive this I have created a Feature Service which is stored on Geodatabase enterprise and using Arc GIS Online publish with the possibility to edit data using "Collector for ArcGIS".

The structure of the GeoApplication is as following:

1. Feature Service contain "Feature Class" and two related tables (one table is realted directly to feature class, the second one is related to the first table, both relationships are define as 'one to many'). Some of the fields are string type, some of them are data type and some of them are long/short integer type.

2. Web Map / Web Application with the possibility to edit new information to the related tables

3. Web Application with Dashboards operation showing statistics from related tables.

My goal is to create third table, where I will have information from three different sources: some columns from 'feature class', some columns from first related tables and some informations from second related table. I would like to keep relationships between information, so for example if I have one object in 'feature class' and two seprate information in the table related to the same object, I would like to populate information from 'feature class' for those two information and also attached some information from second table. 

All those information will be updated regurarly but people working on site, so it is necessary to create a geoprocessing tool which I can publish on Web Application and launch every time when I have some changes.

Unfortunatelly I don't know Python so I am not able to achive it using Python script which I can publish as a geoprocessing tool.

Does anyone had some similar issue and know how to help me or would like to help with the code?

I would be gratefull for any ideas or help with the issue!


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You could use Arcade to lookup into the other tables.  It is not working in Collector yet but it should seen.

See here 

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