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Attachment not posted to device on offline mode

05-21-2015 03:36 PM
New Contributor II

Hi All

I have trouble attaching files while offline mode. Attaching and uploading attachments while online mode goes easily with no issues, and I can view the features and attachments using ArcMap

Workflow within the Collector producing the issue

  1. I've created within our Portal instance, a Web Map, hosting a Cache + Feature services hosted on our ArcGIS Server instance. Offline mode was successfully enabled.
  2. The map was downloaded to the mobile device with no issues. Then turned the wifi off on the device.
  3. I was able adding features, taking picture using device camera / attaching a picture stored on device. the Picture is displayed, with a text saying "Downloaded".
  4. Once the V sign is clicked, the Collector displays the "Posting Attachments..." message which keeps displaying for several minutes, untill I "brutally" shuts down the collector.

Technical details

ArcGIS Server/Portal 10.3.

Device Model - SM-T700

Android Version 4.4.2

Appreciate any help,


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