Android bug - Field is not available under edit session on Android devices

05-22-2014 05:57 AM
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Our customer couldn't edit some attribute fields of selected feature on android. The fields were set at arcgis online to be editable, but to be hidden outside of edit session. If they are hidden, they do not appear when user edits the feature either, if though they are set to be editable. Is there some workaround for this?

Currently I have enabled the fields to be visible and editable as well, but it is a nice feature that I can set some fields to be shown only under edit session.

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Esri Notable Contributor
Android is mirroring AGOL with the popup configuration. Currently iOS is behaving differently and we have plans to fix this is a future update to bring parity across the apps and online viewers.

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So in other words, currently if you set attribute to be editable but hidden (the display checkbox is unchecked), it will not show up in AGOL and on Android devices in edit session. However, it will show up on iOS. This is a good feature, so hopefully it will be fixed in future releases.

Thanks you for your answer.

Martin S.
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