Adding new feature with unspecified unique value renderer

03-05-2014 04:54 PM
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I'll admit out front that I'm a neophyte here.  I developed a feature service from a file geodatabase and published through ArcGIS Desktop.  The feature layer symbology properties were set to categories->unique value based on the field "Frequency" but no frequencies existed in the feature yet so everything was displayed as a default <all other values>. 

When creating a new feature all aspects of collector work great...collecting, editing, viewing, storage back to ArcGIS online, everything.  ...As long as I don't tap the "Frequency" field when entering the data.  If I do it crashes immediately with no record created.

I tried to solve this problem by going back to the feature associated with the fgdb and set the symbology properties to a simple feature renderer and double checking that I didn't have some strange domain set attributed to the "Frequency" field, and republished the map.  Now, instead of "add a new feature" with the symbology of the <all other values>, I am given the option to make "Point" with a different (defaultish looking) symbology.  When I reset the map symbology in AGOL to a simple feature display and try to add a feature I get what looks like a domain code value list where "Point" is the only option (On a short integer field?!) 

Fortunately there is no data in this fgdb yet.  On my trial account I performed the same steps with a shapefile made from the fgdb feature and published directly through AGOL.  It is working perfectly. 

Attributes for the working shapefile and the not working file geodatabase "spawned" features are attached if that helps.
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Can you share a link to your service that is causing the crash and I can look into it further.

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