Add/Remove 1000 separator (Comma) From Intiger Field In ArcGIS Collector

11-10-2016 01:23 PM
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I have a team of inspectors using ArcGIS collector to collect and edit data in the field. When I set up the web map in AGOL I obviously wasn't thinking clearly and checked some fields to Use 1000 Separator (Years, ID numbers) and others I left unchecked (Lengths, $ amounts). I inverted the selection I needed. I had the team download the map and inspectors are using it in the field. I corrected the 1000 separator mistake in AGOL, but when I sync in collector it still will not correct the problem. This may sound a bit OCD, but the 1000 separators are actually causing a bit of disturbance in the way we collect data. Does anybody know a way to correct this without downloading the map over again? Thanks in advance.

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I believe it's just feature data that is transferred when you sync an offline map - so I imagine you will need to remove the downloaded map, refresh and download it again. You can choose to just remove the features when you go back online so you won't need to download the basemap again. Whenever we have made changes to our maps, Esri have said that offline users will need to go back online and take it offline again.

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