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10.2.2 new install and offline collector download failing

05-04-2014 08:28 PM
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Hi all,

Finally got 10.2.2 installed - created a very simple feature class with attachments - globalid, archiving and globalid migrate relationship attachments. Published Feature Service enabling editing and sync.

Registered on with remember password - it is a secure feature service.

Allows offline on

Works OK online.

Go to download offline in Collector and it gives me the message InvalidURL. Any Ideas?

Have shared in our debugshare group with mobileios.

[EDIT] Republished service in directory with no security and it works!! Not good.[EDIT]
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Reply to my own post...

Well that was a bug ... for the time being don't register your secure services in to save passwords and then add it to your map.

quick one... It's not definite from the doco that to go offline you need SDE 10.2 or will SDE 10.1 do?

I'm still getting an error syncing after going offline. It will upload my features but is not downloading any more.

[EDIT]Oh, re-reading the doco if we want editing we've got to have a non-versioned feature class and it has to be stored in SDE 10.2[EDIT]
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Mmmm, my geodatabase is 10.1 and it all works, as long as layer is created with 10.2.2 client
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Can you describe your service?

I'm creating a new point feature class using desktop 10.2.2 in a 10.1 SDE/SQL2008R2 adding archiving, global id, attachments, editor tracking (no versioning).

Publishing to 10.2.2 server through a firewall - ie. SQL2008R2 through firewall.  Has security - local ArcGIS Server stored security.

Adding Layer in AGOL - saving password and using FeatureServer (not FeatureServer/0 - thanks Russ).

I can successfully run it online and add points.  I can successfully download it offline. 

BUT, when I click sync when it's been downloaded it only uploads and doesn't download.

Gives me an error after lengthy delay - "This operation couldn't be completed. Failed to synchronize. Failed to synchronize." (Yes that's twice).

Turning arcgis server security off makes no difference. 

Doco does seem to imply if you're editing you need 10.2 SDE ??

Russ, if you're listening, I've shared into our Debugshare group.
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