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Improve app sign-in experience (button naming & org-specific help)

01-10-2020 09:30 AM
Status: Open
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On sign-in screens, I recommend that Esri:

  • Provide a lookup for org-specific sign-in help
  • Provide a lookup for org URL prefix for enterprise logins
  • Stop using the term “enterprise” to refer to both a product and a sign-in method


The sign-in options for users of field apps (Explorer, Quick Capture, Collector etc) are confusing and create lots of problems with lockouts, timeouts and users not being able to use apps when they need to. This situation is made worse by Esri using the term “Enterprise” to refer to both a product and a sign-in method.


“Sign in with ArcGIS Enterprise” vs “ Enterprise login”


Few of our org’s GIS professionals, much less users, know what Esri means by the term “enterprise”. Over time our staff have become accustomed to choosing the “Enterprise” login method for AGOL, but are now frequently confused when they also see “ArcGIS Enterprise” log in options. We will soon be federating our Hub community accounts, so this will also become an issue for volunteers and partners.


Staff and users hear the term enterprise used for multiple things, and most often for technology offered at the state or federal level rather than agency-level. They do not think of it as a product or identity service provided by Esri.


An in order to use an enterprise login, the user needs to remember the org’s URL prefix. There should be a way to search by org name to look up the ULR prefix. The org name could be a hyperlink to documentation that explains the sign in options for that organization. The same function for finding sign-in help per organization should be provided as a link on the initial sign-in screen.


As the primary admin of an org with several hundred members plus a growing Hub community org, it appears that the current approach will become untenable eventually – especially for Hub community use. Users will only tolerate so much frustration, and the organization can only spend so much time on lockout and password support.


Providing links to org-specific information on sign-in screens will help, but Esri also needs to take a serious look at product and sign-in option naming and branding, and federating AGOL and ArcGIS Enterprise accounts.


New users get caught in a loop where they download the app, click sign in and it doesn't work because registering the portal they need to connect to, to sign in, is not on the next screen.  They try to login before they have pointed the app at the right 'enterprise' internal portal. then it errors then they call for support. This is very support intensive.

The user experience needs to change. Please allow the user to choose to add the portal from the start screen or sign on.

Anne Kearsley


This idea is almost identical to this one- Simplify and standardize AGOL "enterprise" logins across apps 

The sign-on inconsistencies & variations need to be removed. Make the process identical on all apps. Adoption rates will improve when these small frustrations are removed. Thanks for listening to us. 


I have posted another idea that addresses how to improve the sign-in experience for accessing Hub Community content. Separate the AGOL and Hub Community login screens