Add support for the new iPad Pro Lidar sensors

06-29-2020 02:17 PM
Status: Open
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Please look into adding support for the new iPad Pro Lidar sensor.  

I would like to collect and store las files or similar.  

AuGeo maybe?  Collector maybe?



Good idea, but don't hold your breath on Apple letting developers have access to the sensor API. Reading a few reviews and that's the top negative point: only Apple can access the sensors. 

This guy figured it out.  I am trying to find out if that is his own app or what.

Arboreal on LinkedIn: #forestry #skogstekniskaklustret #digitalforestry | 26 comments 

Got a bit further.  Check out LiDAR Scanner 3D app.  I was able to scan, export to OBJ file, then import into ArcPro.  Coordinate system seems to be an issue so working on that part.  Also having trouble getting Pro to true 3D rotate around the object.  The mouse controls in 3D need some improvements.

Here is real life photo vs the OBJ in Pro below.  Best I can rotate it.  You can see the 4 main bushes though.

If anyone has input please let me know.