Way to change 3D Zoning setbacks according to street orientation?

12-11-2017 12:27 PM
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Hi all,

I try to use CityEngine to create zoning volume but I found some parcels,  the front and rear setback are wrong, it should be side setbacks instead of front or rear setbacks. Is there a way to make changes? I used the zoning CGA file from tutorial 16 Urban Planning, zoning.cga. Much thanks!!!



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I'm guessing what might be happening is that the shape with the rule has edges that are all classified as something different than what you would expect.

For example, the six large shapes in the middle in the Zoning scene in Tutorial 16 have the rule Zoning.cga applied to them.  For each of these shapes, all of its edges are classified as street.front since they are blocks created from the street network.  Each edge of the shape touches a street, so all edges are street.front.  Show the street network by choosing this option from the drop down arrow from an icon in the viewport's toolbar.  This means that only the frontSetback is applicable for these shapes.  Changing the back or side setbacks won't change the result.

The setbacks are applied to edges that are classified as street.front, street.back, and street.side.  If a shape doesn't have these selectors (i.e. because it was not created dynamically by a street network), then the shape's object selectors object.front, object.back, and object.side will be used instead.  The shape's first edge (shown in orange when the shape is selected) is classified as object.front.

Here is the help doc on setback():

setback Operation 

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