insert building multiple building footprint using coordinate

12-16-2017 06:42 AM
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Hi there,

Let's say i have 3 different building footprint in OBJ format named A, B & C (refer to schematic drawing in the attachment) . These 3 building footprint located in different position in land parcel. My question as  follow;

(1). Can i insert this building footprint using coordinate i.e. WGS 1984 projection in "insert command i()" instead of moving footprint by using translate command t(x,y,z) or move in manually using move tool

Thank you

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No, sorry, it is not possible to insert an obj at a specific coordinate in a specific coordinate system using the i() operation.  The recommended workflow is to save the building footprints with the georeferenced data in a gdb, shp, or kml file, for example, and import these files into CityEngine, and the shapes will be placed in the appropriate location.  You can import using File -> Import or drag and drop.  These shapes will be imported as initial shapes.  You can then apply cga rules to the building footprints.

Importing Data 

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