Using Redlands Example rules in CE 2014

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07-30-2014 02:16 PM
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Is there an update to the Redlands example 3D City Design Rules to work with City Engine 2014? The Street Construction rule has problems including not generating crosswalks, and textures appear to be offset, making parallel parking disappear. Image of the issue attached.

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CityEngine automatically determines the appropriate version of the example to download if you download the example from within CityEngine.  Help -> Download Tutorials and Examples.  Did you try to download the example through this dialog box?  I just tried it on 2015.2, and I didn't see any errors in the Problems view.

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Sorry about the delayed reply. The 2014 version had an error in Street Construction.cga, due to a slight change in CGA syntax for the split operation. That error is now corrected in the downloadable version here:

Also, I've attached the erroneous rule to this reply.

Thanks your patience and for reporting the bug,


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Thank you it worked


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Hi Chris,

I followed the link you provided but it takes me to a "Sign in to ESRI City Engine Team" page where my credentials are not being accepted. I too would like to see if the rule file you updated works with 2015.2.

Thank you,


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To get Chris's exact file, you can download the attachment he attached.

Here is the link to the same example for 2015.2:

and for 2016.0:

This example is also available through the download dialog within CityEngine (Help -> Download Tutorials and Examples).

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