Tutorials for visual editor?

03-03-2012 07:03 AM
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Are there any tutorials for creating/editing CGA rules with the visual editor?  I've tried going through the regular tutorials, but I'm no programmer, and doing everything through text has me lost and not learning anything about the functions or how do do anything outside of copying and pasting what the tutorials give you.
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hi JC !

to be able to create rules in Visual CGA, you need to know the same things as writing CGA, thus I'd recommend to start with the very basics. I am not a programmer either, but I've tried hard and learned a lot !

VCGA still has some issues since it's been implemented quite quickly, thus I prefer to write CGA code always in the text editor and just look at the graph to check whether my code is well-organized [or just a mess].

if you're a starter, you'll find more info here :


good luck ! 😉
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