Transportation/Urban Planning in CityEngine

03-19-2015 08:45 AM
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Goal for Discussion: Enable Geogeeks to discuss transportation/urban planning in CityEngine-3DGIS-Geodesign. Create a launch page of resources, examples, and discussion that can help geogeeks find faster workflows and examples for presentations/discussion. Be a source of learning and knowledge sharing for the geonet community.

This discussion post is in reaction to Geogeeks occasionally using the Complete Streets Rule Discussion board to discuss elements of transportation and urban planning on the Complete Streets Rule Discussion page. Many of these discussions have merit, and after discussing parking rules on the page, I decided to make this page for me to generally share links, summarize discussion about transportation in CityEngine , and allow people to share papers and discussion about urban planning and transportation in CityEngine/GIS. This is a very general discussion page.

If you peruse the links below, and have ideas for others please suggest them and I will add them! Have a category idea? Let me know.

Links to Relevant Transportation Rules/Resources:
1.Complete Streets Example-David Wasserman

2."Foot Print" Parking Rules- Chris Wilkins

Links to Tutorials/Videos on Streets in CityEngine

Video- Creating Streets with CityEngine - YouTube

Video- #6 CityEngine Essential Skills: Importing Streets - YouTube

Video- Scenario Mapping to 3D Modeling: ESRI's ArcMap and City Engine with Envision Tomorrow - YouTube

Links to Relevant Project Examples of Transportation/Urban Planning in CityEngine:

Geodesign Summit- Talk-Urban Rail Studies Move Faster in 3D

Geodesign Summit- Mapping Dollars and Sense of Land Use

Geodesign Summit- Geodesign and AEC (Street Rule/Pro/Geoplanner Demo)

ArcArticle- 3D Modeling Shows Off Elevated Rail System Landscape in Honolulu

Video- 3D Transportation Planning with Esri CityEngine and LumenRT - YouTube

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