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to bounding rectanlge in lot

01-29-2020 08:18 PM
New Contributor

i  am seeking bounding rectangle function 

i found simliar function  

that is    "innerrect"

IInkAnalysisNode.RotatedBoundingRect Property (Windows.UI.Input.Inking.Analysis) - Windows UWP appli... 

if you see link image ,  that is   roatated bounding rectangle 

i am seeking that fucntion ?

how can i do ?

thank you always~

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Esri Regular Contributor

The scope will always be a bounding box around the geometry.  Currently, we do not have a way yet to align the scope in a way that minimizes the bounding box volume.  The best you could do is to align the scope to the longest edge in your geometry using alignScopeToGeometry() with edgeSelector=longest.  Then, once the scope is aligned, you could insert a primitiveCube() to get a box.

alignScopeToGeometry operation—CGA | Documentation 

primitiveCube operation—CGA | Documentation 

Note:  innerRect() is deprecated, and we recommend using innerRectangle() instead.

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