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06-01-2017 12:42 AM
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Dear Mr Reitz,

   My name is Mihai Atofanei, and I am using one of the rules that you wrote in 2013 3DCIM_Parcel_ZoningEnvelope, for which I am greatfull because it helped me a lot in a project that I am working in at the moment.

   In the same time I am experiencing some difficulties for some reason the parcel layer that I created via Data Interop workflows from the 3D_Cim_Master_Template, where 7-10 parcels once I apply the rule a model is created but it is not an envelope, I have attached a print screen.

   I made a few changes in the rule especially in the "Buildable-->" part in "case geometry>0" thinking that this may condition which of the shapes goes "through" to the process, but it changed for a few of the parcels but not for all of them.

   I have attached a print screen form CE and a notepad with the changed rule.

  Some help in solving this part would be highly appreciated. For any additional info for this issue I am happy to send more info.

Thank you in advance!

Mihai Atofanei 

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The envelope is created on line 269 using parameters for the max height and setback values.  The line before it prints these parameter values.  My guess is that these parameter values are not correct.  You can click on a shape that is not generating the model you want, and you can view the console output (Window -> Show Console) to see what these parameter values are for the problematic shapes.  The max height value originally comes from the attributes value and aspect which seem to be lists that should probably come from linked object attributes.  The values for these attributes are also printed in the console labeled as regulationAspect and regulationValue.  You can also check (and edit) the object attributes on a shape in the Inspector under Object Attributes.  If you create the object attributes, you'll probably also have to make the rule attributes visible (comment out the @Hidden annotation on lines 16 and 18) and connect the rule attributes to the object attributes (drop down arrow for rule attribute -> Connect Attribute).

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