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06-09-2017 10:21 AM
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Does anyone know where to download some awesome free scenes for CityEngine? I'm doing a project right now that involves taking a map from CityEngine and exporting it to use it in OpenDS, a driving simulation program for work. I have been trying for months to make a nice copy of Detroit, Michigan but keep falling short of my expectations unfortunately. I have tried importing OSM data and fixing it up but I could never get as nice of detail that I wanted out of it when I was close to fixing up the map. I also have used the get map data function and was not super impressed, as the data wasn't so easy to use. My bridges and roads were not the correct elevations and I had errors everywhere. Using align terrain to map and generate bridges (not in that order) seemed to just make it worse. 

Specifically I'm trying to get a scene of Detroit, Michigan. If anyone knows where I can find that scene already made for free and/or quite possibly other detailed free CityEngine maps to show off for the creators, that would be fantastic!

Thanks in advance,

Gavin M

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