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06-05-2017 09:09 AM
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I successfuly exported my ArcScene work into the CityEngine Web Viewer. But unfortunately now the popups are not displayed. Is there any way to make this happen? Or is it instead possible to fill the information-window with own content? It would be great if I can present some aditional data to the users and as the models are clickable, I dare to hope that there could be a solution.

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Instead of exporting as a CityEngine WebScene, you can export as a scene layer package (slpk) and publish the scene layer (right click on the file -> Share As -> Go to My Content which is the second icon in the navigator -> double click file -> on web page that opens click Publish -> go to published scene layer in My Content -> Open in Scene Viewer).  The Scene Viewer, which displays the scene layer, allows for popups on individual buildings.  These popups display reported values.  So, you can customize what is in the popup by reporting the desired information.

With CityEngine WebScenes, the object attributes and reported values on each building are displayed in the information panel.  So, again, you can customize this by reporting the information you want to see in the panel.

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