Terrain and Aerial Imagery Size

11-14-2017 08:58 AM
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When importing terrain and aerial imagery into city engine there is a limit of 4096*4096 pixels.

If the image covers a large area (30 km*30 km) the result resolution is poor. What should I do in order to cover this area? Should I split the image and the terrain into small pieces? would it help? Is there a way to do the split in City Engine, or should I use ArcMap/Pro for that? 

Is there a best practice for that?



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I need better resolution imagery as well.  I am kind of disappointed in the poor imagery.

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Generally speaking small extents have a higher resolution for both elevation and imagery than large extents due to the maximum size allowed for images. The max size is chosen a bit restrictively because we want to make sure that people dont end up with unresponsive scenes after a map data download. Currently we are discussing whether we can raise the limit a bit.

What many users do is download a large extent for the surroundings and a small extent that covers the actual study area. In order to prevent intersecting terrains add a negative elevation offset to the large terrain.  

hope this helps


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