Street Edge Detection

10-15-2013 10:58 PM
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Is there a simple way to detect the presence of an adjacent block from a street shape?

To clarify, this is distinct from finding street.front in a generated block/lot.

An example would involve instancing a different set of geometries onto street surfaces that are adjacent to lots on both sides as opposed to those that only share one edge with a generated lot.

(In this case, the orange area is NOT a generated lot...)
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On the CGA side of things, I'd say occlusion queries.

But since ( and this is a crucial fact ) CGA starts operating on all shapes as they exist. CGA can not (yet) change shapes or query neighboring shapes or such --> a shapes needs to be given with a set of attributes, that's the base for CGA model generation.

--> in your case, maybe the best choice would be to write a python script to do these things or to pre-process the data within ArcGIS.

Let me know.

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I was dreading that.

CGA shape grammars are relatively well documented, but my experience with Python integration is not... great.

Not to mention my complete role as a naif re python.

Thanks, anyway, for the swift reply.


Cheap cludge, but occlusion checks on all works relatively neatly. Thanks! Red faces will be used to spawn assets....

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