stair effect in my heighmap

08-23-2016 12:42 AM
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Hi every one,

I'll try to quickly explain what I did with CityEngine* :
I simply draw a road network on my imported heighmap [the original resolution is 4097X4097 pixels, format 16 bits .PNG] .
In my project I well fixed the same resolution in the heighmap settings.
After snapping [Align terrain to shape] the terrain to the road I export the modification using "Export selected terrain as image" > format: 16 bits .PNG.

but when I import it in my 3D engine I obtained "stair effect" everywhere , as if the resolution or format were degraded.

what am I doing wrong?

Best regards!

* Esri CityEngine 2016.0.2642

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Thank you for your question. There seems to be quite an offset between the terrain and the road network.

Aligning the the terrain to the road network creates a ridge around it. To avoid the stair effect you could use a higher lateral resolution heightmap, but the steep drop would still be there. The 16bit height resolution is not the problem here.

So I suggest to either first

  1. add a global elevation offset to the terrain to make it match the roads
  2. or do a [Graph > Align graph to terrain ] step

and then do the [Align terrain to shape]

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