Sloped buildings with random height and random roofs with image textures

01-06-2014 03:18 AM
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Hi to everyone,
I'm having a difficult time with the coding part of cga files, I dont have experience in coding so I'm trying my best to understand how this works... Any help is very appreciated.
Now my problem is this... I have a very sloped terrain with irregular lots and none of my attempts to create buildings with roof and textures is a complete fail... they always get deformed in the building it self or in the roof... I tried to combine one cga file from the Venice example with another one from the forum called SlopedReporting. The cga SlopedReporting resolves very well the sloped part so I tried to take part of that code and past in the Venice_lot cga file... and it didn't work. The SlopedReporting creates a shape from the top to bottom (I think) making the ground face aligned with the slope not creating the building all the way down to the flat face bellow ground. When the building goes bellow ground the textures doesn't work well because they don't start from the ground up... if I have a window or a door it will be a part visible and the other part hidden by the terrain. This part doesn't happens in the venice_lot example and that is very good for me but I can´t manage to make it work in more sloped surface.

For my final purpose the venice_lot cga is perfect if I could adapt the SlopedReport alignment to it and resolve the spliting facade problem that is visible in the images.

Here is the code that I'm trying to adapt to the Venice_Lot cga...

So this is my big problem, it may seem a bit confusing but I think the images will illustrate the problem very well.
I fill a little frustrated with the code part but I will manage to learn it for sure.

Tank you for the attention
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