Sharing LIDAR Data in CityEngine

12-20-2013 03:56 AM
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I'm wondering, Is anyone has tried to open or share LIDAR data using CityEngine?

I have tried lots of way but I couldn't succeed yet.
LAS Dataset converts to Multipoint but CityEngine can not import Multipoint Data.
I tried to convert from LAS Dataset to GDB, MDB, SHP but unfortunately I could not import Lidar points in CityEngine.

Multipoint feature class has a BLOB values like INTENSITY or COLOR fields.

I want to publish lidar points with color values like this;

Is there any idea for this?

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Hi !

CityEngine does not support LIDAR data or pointcloud data in general.

What CE does when it gets point features, it converts them to little shapes, ready for use in CGA.

What you then can do is write a small CGA rule that e.g. inserts little cubes or spheres at these places and colorizes them. But the polycount will exlode with many points, so that's a no-go, especially for WebScenes.

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Like Matt wrote above, City Engine does not support LAS-Datasets or Point Clouds. A workaround to use LIDAR-Data as a terrain in City Engine could be to convert the LAS-Datesets to Raster and then import it in City Engine (Drag and drop from he Project-Folder to the Viewport). If you are using ArcGIS a usefull tool ist hat one:

Good luck!

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