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sharing cities

03-26-2012 03:42 AM
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Is there a platform for sharing the things people make for Cityengine? As an urban planner I'm more interested in what the city is built up from, building masses, architecture, networks etc. instead of coding. The cga system is too difficult and time-consuming for me (without coding experience) so I've been using the example cities for private urban projects. These are very limited and too specialized (typical American city, typical Venetian city, typical sci-fi city) to use. If anyone has good cga examples to use (non-commercially) I would appreciate it.

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Hi !

Since CityEngine is still such a young product, the content is still limited. Also, there's currently no platform on which users share their rules or cities.

Though we're very aware of the fact that users, as yourself, are much more keen on actually just using rules as templates instead of creating the rules themselves. Scripting is complex, thus we're researching in this field and work hard to make things easier for the end user. Especially the direction of making template rules more accessible is one of the main focuses of the development.

Nevertheless, try to learn CGA scripting. I'm here to help and I'm sure you'll progress fast ! Urban planning is a logic process, as is creating rules for CityEngine !

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