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04-02-2012 05:02 AM
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I have the CityEngine Trial 2011.2.
If I want to download the "Tutorials and Examples",I see the error message "404 Not Found". Is it a wrong link?
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How are you downloading the tutorial and examples (which link are you using)? If you have already installed CityEngine 2012.2, you can open CityEngine, and go to Help menu > Download Tutorials and Examples. You can then select the tutorials and examples you want to download by checking them on and clicking finish. I have tested this even for CityEngine Trial, and it works. Also, If you are looking for video series for CityEngine, you can find it here.
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Just for reference, if you have trouble downloading the examples form within CityEngine, you can try downloading them directly from here:

Then unzip them, and import them to CityEngine, using the import dialog.
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