Restting scene so that the center is at world coord 0,0,0

01-28-2013 08:45 AM
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One thing about working from OSM data is that the scene coordinates tend to be huge numbers, so that when I export and open up the fbx files in Maya, the models are located in some far, far away location (usually you only see a pixel!).

Is there a way in city engine to "re-center" the entire scene, so that you can pick a new 0,0,0 location?

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Hi !

Play with the misc options in the exporter.

They do what you want during the export.

It is intended in the CE workflow that if your data is georeferenced you keep it so until you export to an app which cannot deal with that nicely, such as Maya.

If you prefer, you can also move the .osm data to the cartesian origin with the move tool. Use the entry field in the toolbar to enter the precise values. Separate the xyz values by spaces, then press return to move the data.

Let me know if you need more inputs !

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