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06-03-2020 05:32 AM
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Hi, I use OneDrive a lot, and I’m syncing my workspaces. Once a project is done, I remove the project from my PC, so I don’t use up all my hard disk space. Sometimes the project comes back to me 6 months after or so, then I start the sync again to get my files back on my machine. Now, unsyncing the files don’t delete the project from the workspace, it’s still there as a blue closed folder. Sometimes I remove those, but they are still thought as being a part of the workspace. When I get my project back on my machine in my workspace folder CE don’t automatic get the project into the workspace.

If I try to import the project, I get the information, that it already exists in the workspace.

If I try to open a project, I can see it inside the workspace, but with no folder icon. So what I can do, is to go in and change the name in the .project file – then I can import it.

Is there a way to manage this unsyncing resyncing a bit better or where do I remove the  list of projects in the workspace?


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Thanks for your questions.

In general one should use unique project names to avoid naming conflicts.

When using (cloud) archiving it's recommend to export a project to an archive file.

Note, in case the export is too slow, you can uncheck "Compresses the contents" (resources selected to be exported) in the archive that is created. Once the project is exported, it can be removed from the workspace and disk. Export a project—ArcGIS CityEngine Resources | Documentation 

In case import is prevented with the warning: "Some projects cannot be imported because they already exist in the workspace", the existing project in the workspace needs to be renamed/removed.

Import a file—ArcGIS CityEngine Resources | Documentation 

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