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12-17-2013 04:21 AM
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I have been playing around with CityEngine a little bit to see if we could use it to generate better 3D-models for our organisation. At the moment we have LOD0/1 bodies (see my first attachment) of all the buildings in our city (approximately 25 000), and we would like to use these existing models to generate (at least) LOD 2 buildings.  

So, I am wondering if it is possible to model non-rectangular facades using the Facade Wizard? I have only been able to model rectangular facades using it (see my second attachment, which is a generated facade of the "left wall" in the first image), which isn't quite what we want. Am I missing some functionality in the Facade Wizard, or is it not there? I'm guessing that it would be technically possible to generate a only a rectangular facade, and then generate the "upper triangle" of the wall along with the roof, however since the accuracy of our z-values is rather important for our analyses, I'd rather change as little as possible in the buildings geometry.

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hi ..

the facade wizard is designed for rectangular facades, or at least the bottom edge should be horizontal and the left and right edge should be vertical.

I'd recommend you just create a rule that dissects the building based on the slope of each face, then further classify them for facades and smaller details. Then, create some code that cuts the facades up and textures them.

Sounds complex, but is well possible to do.

Or do you specifically want to use the Facade Wizard for certain reasons ( e.g. specific textures ?)

Note that you can also write rules that apply facade wizard rule on exactly rectangular facades, while for others, you write some own code..

Let me know ..

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