Possibilty of viewing facilities under ground?????

01-09-2012 10:48 AM
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Hello !

Is it possible to show facilities like roads and train tunnels built under ground in 3D?

Thanks and Regards
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hi !

it is possible to create tunnel geometries and such with the CityEngine.

though it all depends on the data which you have at hand. there may still be things which you can not do yet, but since the CityEngine is still a very young product, we're always interested in what users actually want to achieve.

let me know !
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Are there rules that apply to   underground pipeline or tunnel modeling? Planning?
There is a huge demand in this regard ,    like this the pictures.
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hey !

thanks for the pictures, this is valuable information.

we're currently researching in which direction we'll continue the development.

some things are already possible, but e.g. for complete pipe or tunnel networks, the CityEngine is still missing some important features. but we're on this. though, it will take some time to develop such features.
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Hey https://community.esri.com/migrated-users/35348  TFuchs-esristaff
Is there any development in in CE in the direction mentioned in the first post?

I am primarily interested in viewing and designing the underground facilities and infrastructure for large Urban Development projects. 

If not yet possible, are there any plans to make these things possible in CE 2017 for example?


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by Anonymous User
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I'm not sure, but I bet TFuchs-esristaff‌ might have an answer for you. He is at the CityEngine home office.


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Hey Chris,

thanks for the reply. I'll wait for TFuchs-esristaff‌ to answer then


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Currently in CGA one can directly query the world elevation using the scope Shape Attribute .

With this information the scope can be translated to a certain height.

This allows for exact modeling of subsurface structures like wastewater networks.

As shown in this thread https://community.esri.com/message/666944-re-detecting-terrain-intersetion-with-a-shape-to-achieve-m... the relation of the scope to the ground can be obtained by adding shapes onto the terrain. I hope in a future release there will be a simpler way to do this. For visualization the terrain can be made transparent.

CityEngine 2017 will offer new capabilities for CGA to query for collision with other models.

Since there is a wide demand for subsurface structures, there are plans to offer more CGA rule sets for such applications. Please check GeoNET for updates.

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