Polygon (Align to terrain)

06-06-2013 10:52 AM
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Polygons are not aligning to the terrain correctly and do not appear transparent.


Temporary workaround:
I burned the cut block extents into texture.png and created the terrain based on the DEM. This achieves what I want visually (the ability to see the undulating curves of the terrain); however, I cannot query the attributes since it's a raster.


Ideally, I'd like to have polygons (cut blocks) draped on top of a terrain with transparency set (to see the terrain underneath) and be able to click on it to view the polygon ID, area, status...etc.


Any advice would be much appreciated!
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I have tried to do the exact same thing to show a parcel shape on top of the terrain. Aligning 2D shapes to the terrain only works a little, as the edges of the polygon try to align but the 2D plane of the polygon does not warp very well to the terrain.
The best work around I have is to just extract the border of the polygon using cga rules and float it  slightly above the terrain.
(See my examples)  However, one would have to click on the border line to see any meta data.
Best, Scott
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Thanks for the feedback Scott. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one struggling with this.
How do I go about extracting the border of the polygon using CGA rules?
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It take 2 rules & 2 steps.
First Rule:

version "2012.1"

attr EdgeThickness = 2
attr SegmentLength = 6

comp(f) { inside: NIL | border: Border }

Border -->
split(x) {SegmentLength: Segment}*

Segment -->

After  you assign & generate a red line will appear. Zoom in real close & click to select the whole line. Then right click and "convert  models to shape"s.
Then align the shapes to the terrain.

Then layer select the new shapes and assign the next rule:

version "2012.1"

attr HeightOfBorder = 2

Shape -->

Hope this works for you.
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