Open an ArcScene project or a .3ws file made within ArcScene

04-02-2015 07:07 AM
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Is it possible to open a project made in ArcScene or a .3ws file made using "Export to 3D web scene" from 3D Analyst toolbox in ArcScene?

I`m asking that because I have done some visibility analysis and I want the output to be a webscene, but the webscene exported from ArcScene is almost 400 mb and it won`t work fluently in ArcGIS Online...



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The .3WS file format cannot be natively read by ArcScene. Keep in mind that you should be able to render the City Engine Web Scene in any WebGL compatible browser without the need for a plug-in or a client install of CityEngine. However, my suggestion going forward would be to subset the 3D content present within the scene to write a number of .3WS files of smaller total size. While the recommendation is to keep the file size limited to 50MB, files larger than this should render depending upon the complexity of the content within the scene. If you are planning on sharing this with users one option would be to create a 3D layer package using ArcScene. Users with whom you are sharing this data will need either ArcScene or ArcGlobe to consume the layer package. Another option would be to share each of the Visibility outputs as a feature service or tile service if they are output raster datasets to ArcGIS Online and then create an AGOL Scene that can be shared with other ArcGIS Online users of your choosing. Keep in mind that this will cost credits and will take more data preparation time than the .3WS would. In addition, Multipatches are not supported as of yet within the Scene viewer. Hope this helps!       

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Hi Yuri,

Thanks for your feedback.

I have reduced the size of the .3ws file and managed to upload it.


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