Oculus Rift and CityEngine

12-06-2013 10:55 AM
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I am a regular user of many ESRI products but am new to CityEngine.  Our lab is using the Oculus Rift with other applications but I would like to get it working with CityEngine.   Specifically, I would like to "walk" through a city generated by CityEngine and look around using the Oculus Rift.  I have come across a few demo examples of what I am looking to do, so I know it is possible (see links below).  However, I have been unable to find anything online (forum/blog/video tutorial/etc) that might help a CityEngine newcomer to setup something similar.
SIGGRAPH2013 attendee video
IDEAbuilder application (found in another forum thread)
ESRI demo in French

Any advice on getting this working on a local machine would be appreciated.  I am working with CE Advanced and the Oculus Dev Kit.
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Hi ..

Guess who did about 80% of that playable city in that siggraph video .. :cool:

The demo we created there was with Unity. What realtime environment are you working with ?

Lemme know ..

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Hi Matt,

Making this thread live back again

I am new to oculus dk2, is there an easy way to publish a city and walk through it using the The oculus and joystick ?

Which real time software i should use ?

Unity ? What about lumenrt and lumion ?

Many thanks,


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Hi Ziad,

Give this tutorial a try: http://www.3decide.com/break-a-leg/ce-to-unity-tutorial

DK2 is going to be the same as DK1 in terms of setting up the scene in Unity. You will need to download the runtime for windows and the Unity kit here https://developer.oculus.com/downloads/ . Then just import the unity package into Unity (Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package). You can then drag the Prefab player controller into your scene. This will be your avatar already set up for the stereo view.


I hope that helps a bit. I'm looking forward to many different game engines eventually providing Oculus support.

I'll continue to push our guys here in Dev. to support this stereo format with our 3D Web Viewer



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