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Normalize UVs?

05-19-2018 05:35 PM
Occasional Contributor

Hi all. 

Can someone help me understand what "Normalize UV" exactly does and how does it differ from "Project Uv"? 

normalizeUV operation—CGA | ArcGIS Desktop 

In the cga online guide they are described in almost identical fashion and I'm not able to understand what and why this operation exists. They are both called Project Uv. Only the normalize UV one has 2 additional parameters

What are the the normalize mode and normalize type parameters?

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Esri Contributor

Thanks for pointing out the error in our documentation. We will get that fixed and update the online help in the June update.  Until then this is what the normalUV operation description should look like:

The normalizeUV operation normalizes the texture coordinates of the given uvSet parameter. Depending on the mode, the texture coordinates are normalized to the [0, 1] range.

I hope this helps.