No textures on buildings from Get Map Data.

10-28-2019 03:26 AM
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win 10 CityEngine 2019

Importing from Get Map results in buildings with no texture after clicking the generate button. Was working before updating the library. Any help appreciated

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Can you post a screen cap?

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  • Are you using 2019.0 or 2019.1?
  • What is the rule file and start rule assigned to a building?  Does this rule exist in your workspace?
  • Click on a building.  In the Inspector, is the attribute Representation set to "realistic with facade textures"?  If it is set to "solid color", which is the default, then the buildings will not have a texture from an image but will rather be a single color.
  • What are your viewport settings?  Are textures enabled (shortcut keys 6 or 7)?

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