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New Version - Where Do We Go to Download It?

10-26-2011 10:46 AM
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Hi CE team 🙂

Looking forward to using the new release ... but struggling to find it on the ESRI site. Can you post a link here please?

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1. Is the full retail version of CE 2011 Advanced exactly the same file size as the downloadable CE 2011 trial version, 177 MB?

2. u guys said" Download the Windows version of the License Server from the Esri Customer Care Portal..."

but now I want to try CE 2011 first, I just downloaded the trial version, can I just install it on my PC and then it will run smoothly, without installing any License Server ( I cannot access and download the Windows version of the License Server from the Esri Customer Care Portal)?

I mean, can I just install and activate the trial version smoothly for testing within 30 days?

3. If I have purchased the CE Advanced license, is it OK to simply install Node Locked License file into the trial version, then this trial version will immediately become the CE Advanced version? and it will have all features enabled (including the export features)?

To tell u the truth, customers don't want to download 2 seperate files - one for trial & one for retail - and install it one by one in different time......customers want to download just one version of file with all features enabled but limited time for trial, then just install some file or serial key to activate the unlimited time feature after purchase ...just like other softwares.

( Pls don't ask me to see this link,
I have seen it many times.....still not understand completely...)

Thx for your notice.

1] not, the TRIAL installer is smaller since the exporter is not included in the TRIAL version. The reason for this is to protect the software and thus also those who officially pay for it.

2] the TRIAL version runs directly, without any other installation.

to license the CityEngine, there's two types of licensing : nodelocked licenses and floating licenses. Activation Codes which you get after a purchase, create a nodelocked license. to run a floating license after a purchase, you need the so-called License Server. so do not need this to run the TRIAL, which is independent. ]

3] no, you will need to install the full product first, see 1]

ok ?
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It would be nice if those of us with subscription received our updates to 2011!
Or some word about what is happening to our 'Procedural' user area / its transition to Esri etc
Most companies sort this stuff out before announcing the new version.


Those with Subscription will be upgraded. All existing customers should already have been welcomed with a nice welcome-package by either Esri Inc in the US or by the local Distributor for non-US customers.
Indeed, the software has not directly been accessible. we're aware of this, but please be patient a little more time since not only we have been working on the new version, but we ( ex procedural ) have at the same time been migrated completely into the esri framework (admin, sales, support, websites, ..). thanks for your understanding ! 🙂
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