nearby objects disappear in perspective view

10-06-2014 03:42 AM
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I have a scene with a DTM, aerial photo and a shapefile with buildingfootprints. The buildings are extruded based on a heigth value read from an attribute.

When viewing this from a distance, the scene looks allright but when navigating closer to the ground both the aerial photo and the buildings within a certain distance from the viewer start to disappear, leaving a white space in the viewport.

How can I prevent this from happening? I want to be able to walk through the 3Dscene.

system : windows 7  64 bit with Geforce GTX 780


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this must be a clipping plane issue or something like this.

select a few objects and frame them with 'f'. this sets the camera's focal point correctly again.

does this work ?


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Hi  yes this works, I can walk through the scene and see everything  thanks Henk
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