Measure the visble area inside a building

12-30-2020 11:29 PM
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Hi, I want to use CityEngine's visibility analysis inside a building model. I created two layers. One is walls, it contains walls, balconies and columns, and the other one is floor which is basically a flat surface. I want to measure the visible and occluded area of the floor layer. In other words I want to measure the green area on the floor. Visibility by Layer should work but its not. As you can see in the image visible area is way more than it should be.

I have to analyze a lot of buildings and most of them are more complex than this one. So hand drawing polygon won't work. I need to do this automatically. How can I measure that area using a script? Does anyone have an idea?

Screenshot 2020-12-31 101226.jpg

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I loved it, in this aspect it will also be possible to calculate by scan the quadrants of the rooms.

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